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a DIY chemical desiccator

Is it a desiccan, or a desiccant?

Is it a desiccan, or a desiccant?

You know those pesky packets you get in new shoes that say, Do Not Eat? Well, the Nutty Chemist tore a bunch of them open to make this dessicator. The substance drying inside is copper nitrate, a pretty blue crystal and the byproduct of their ventures into anodizing.


a casual LumShop hack goes viral

Gentle heat for tender chemicals

Gentle heat for tender chemicals

Check this out – the Nutty Chemist needed a hot plate for their lab, and threw one together out of an old clothes iron and a clamp. They blogged about it, and the next thing anyone knew,¬†LumShop made its HackaDay debut! It’s since been all over the internet, including on LifeHacker!

power suprise

Need a power supply for your hobby electronics projects? You can find your answer in a former pack of cancer sticks; they’re just the right size to hold AA batteries! Pad things out with aluminum foil, and add some tension to keep good contact, and you’re in business¬†Shocking, amirite?

A power supply built from trash.

A battery pack built from trash.


Our warehouses don’t have air conditioning, and that’s a summer bummer. There are no windows to install a unit in either. Problem?

No sweat!


This DIY air conditioning setup keeps the shop cool in the hot summer months

Here’s our solution: a piece of plywood becomes a new wall with the AC unit embedded inside, and we covered up one of the doors. Don’t worry – it pushes out; the rectangular frame in front has wheels to let it roll. That way, it’s not a problem in case of a fire.

Pretty cool!