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nuts, bolts, and chemistry

Hey there! Around here, they call me the Nutty Chemist. What’s so nutty about me, you ask? Well, my job is to organize all the hardware in the building. The nuts, the bolts, the screws, the nails, the washers, the flywheels, the spark plug gap meters, and so on. My chemistry skills come in handy, because one of the tools we use in chemistry is a concept called entropy. My job is to move entropy out of the warehouse. The problem is, people keep bringing it back in!

Bolt Village.

Bolt Village.



Our warehouses don’t have air conditioning, and that’s a summer bummer. There are no windows to install a unit in either. Problem?

No sweat!


This DIY air conditioning setup keeps the shop cool in the hot summer months

Here’s our solution: a piece of plywood becomes a new wall with the AC unit embedded inside, and we covered up one of the doors. Don’t worry – it pushes out; the rectangular frame in front has wheels to let it roll. That way, it’s not a problem in case of a fire.

Pretty cool!